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Because of the stake our founding Locals have in the electrical industry and the strong working relationship with businesses and employers, we understand the value of fostering partnerships to ensure the highest skilled workforce within the industry.

The IBEW College welcomes the opportunity to partner with industry stakeholders to address the current and future skill requirements. Leveraging the combined knowledge of labour market, innovative technology and skills training is key to a well-rounded education that satisfies both the demand for skilled employees and the need for a knowledgeable workforce. Such partnerships lead to a competitive advantage in the industry for both the worker and the employer.

Employers in the modern job market are seeking electrical workers with various specialized skills that go above and beyond those learned within their apprenticeship programs. New technologies and practices continue to change and emerge every day, thus the need for life-long learning beyond apprenticeship is crucial to the industry. At the IBEW College, we aim to ensure our industry partners have an opportunity to engage with our leadership on the development and delivery of such specialized training programs.


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